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Collaborative research projects completed

LGP2 participated in these completed research projects

ACTINPAK [COST FP1405] - Active and intelligent fibre-based packaging - innovation and market introduction. This Action aims to identify and focus on the key technical, social, economic and legislative factors relevant for a successful deployment of renewable fibre-based functional packaging solutions.
AGROBAR [Axelera] - Using agroresources to replace coatings standard of packaging papers.
BATTSOUPLES - Production of flexible lithium polymer-gel batteries on paper by UV photocrosslinking and deposition of electrodes with printing/coating process.
BEETPULP - Use of beet-pulp (residue after the sugar extraction of sugar beet), after bleaching and micronisation as additive in papers and boards.
BIOMATPACK [COST FP1003]) - Impact of renewable materials in packaging for sustainability - Development of renewable fibre and bio-based materials for new packaging applications.
BIO3 - Implementation of a biorefinery able, from wood biomass, to produce bio-based compounds for the food and chemical industries.
CAPROCELL [ANR] - Pure cellulose production from wood by an environmentally friendly process using catalysed hydrogen peroxide.
CAROXCELL - Development of cellulose oxidation process to refine the molecular weight for chemical applications, and to characterize the recoverable by-products based on oligomeric sugars for biomedical applications.
CATIMINHY [ANR] - National Action Plan on Hydrogen and Fuel Cells: production of active layers by hybrid printing technology.
CELLDIFF - Stimulable nanocellulose-based matrix for differentiated cell growth.
CELLICAL [ANR] - Microfibrillated cellulose as new biobased material for designing bioactive soft tissue repair medical device.
CELLADHER - Characterization of the adhesion between cellulosic substrates.
CERES-2 [ANR] - Meet the need for improved energy efficiency and greenhouse gas emissions reduction in the industry, through the recovery and development of lost heat sources. The LGP2 is involved in the project for the production process of pulp and paper, including their modeling and simulation.
CERISE - Treatment of cellulose for in situ fibrillation by twin screw extrusion.
CONCEPT-CELL [Tec21] - New concepts and developments for pure cellulose production from recycled cardboard.
ECOBLEACH [Axelera] - Reduce the environmental impact of cellulosic pulp bleaching. Optimize the conditions of bleaching and use new additives to reduce pollutant emissions.
ECOLABELS - Design and development of "green" self-adhesive labels by adhesive's microencapsulation.
ECO-Z-DIPline - Towards eco-efficient deinking: ozone for a clean process and quality cellulosic recovery fibers.
ENCUPACK - Develop and promote the use of UV technology (inks and drying) in offset printing.
ENERLIG - Hydrothermal valorization of black liquor.
EPUROX [Axelera] - Influence of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) on the quality of organic sludge.
ESTAMPILLE [ANR] - Securing printings by graphic codes.
FLEXIBAT - Production of flexible lithium batteries on paper by printing process.
FLEXPAKRENEW - Design and develop an innovative ecoefficient low-substrate flexible paper for packaging from renewable resources to reduce the packaging industry's reliance on barrier films derived from petroleum.
GASP [ANR] - Biobased polymers highly barrier to gases and vapors for packaging
GEL-FILM - Control the phenomena occurring during the transition between a bio-based hydrogel and a solid film to allow the manufacture of ride-flat films with cellulose microfibrils (MFC).
HEMIVALO/BIOETHANOL - Biorefinery, process optimization of hydrolysis of wood for the production of bio-ethanol.
HEMIVALO/BIOPRODUITS - Extraction of the hemicelluloses from the wood for chemical recovery.
IBFC - Optimize the power output of Implantable BioFuel Cells.
IDEMAX [ANR] - (Drug Identification by X-Tags) The project submitted proposes an original solution for marking medication to guarantee its authenticity.
KIC INNOENERGY SYNCON - Novel synthesis process concepts for efficient chemicals/fuel production from biomass.
KRAFTMOD - Modelling of Kraft cooking of pure and mixed species.
LIEBLEACH - Low-impact bleaching in chlorinated products.
MULTILAYER - Development of a new platform for the large-scale production of micro devices based on a technology called Rolled multi material layered 3D shaping technology.
NANOCOSM - Using nanocelluloses for cosmetic applications.
NANOSONO - Ultrasonic welding of papers and nanocelluloses.
NEWGENPAK [Marie Curie Action] - New generation of cellulose fibre based packaging materials for sustainability.
OZOFLOT [ANR] - Intensification of the process for purification of recycled cellulose fibers by reactive flotation to ozone.
PAINTBIOCELL - Develop the industrial application of nanocellulose, particularly microfibrillated cellulose, in the domain of paints.
PAPEL - Li-ion paper battery with high environmental quality.
PAPREH - Paper and textiles treated to obtain resistance to wet - the study and improvement of manufacturing processes.
PHOTOFLEX [ANR] - Rewritable films on flexible supports for colored photo-inscriptions: from nanostructuring to color prediction models.
POLYWOOD - Develop bio-based polyamides from the paper industry.
POWERBONDS - Enhancement of fiber and bond strength properties for creating added value in paper products.
RHEONANO - Hydrogel development of stimulable cellulose nanocrystals for functional applications.
STAR [Tec21] - Development of biorefineries from recycled fibers: production of recycled starch and glucose.
SUCROL [ANR] - Lignocellulosic biorefinery for simultaneous production of cellulose and pentoses for green surfactants manufacturing.
SUNPAP - Create new fibre-based and recyclable paper and packaging products which will reduce landfill waste and minimise the use of petroleum-based chemicals.
SUSTAINPACK - Develop innovative packaging based on cellulosic fibers associated with other renewable materials.
TH INK [ANR] - Develop a reusable thermochromic ink based paper in an inkjet printer.
ULTRACELL [ANR] - Ultrasonic welding of papers and nanocelluloses.
WOBAMA - To convert wood based raw materials to a range of value added bioproducts, both materials and fuels, using different conversion technologies, within the biorefinery concept.

Date of update May 19, 2021

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