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Collaborative research projects

Current projects

3D PAPEL - Région Auvergne- Rhône-Alpes
Integration of simple electronic circuits in 3D cellulose objects
ARCELL - Industrial financing
Industrial application of pretreatments to obtain high quality cellulose nanofibrils
Sustainable agriculture: BIOchemical-physical-biological function of sewage sludge in agricultural soils
CELLMAP - Institut Carnot PolyNat
Observation of the orientation of cellulose nanocrystals during the extrusion process: effect of the polymer matrix
COLLCEL 3D - Tec21
Biomimicry for the design of organic tissues by 3D printing of nanocellulose and collagen bio-inks
CYCLOCELL - Glyco@Alps
Functionalization of nanocellulose by cyclodextrins for tissue engineering applications
DISSOLUCEL - Institut Carnot PolyNat
Dissolution of cellulose
ELEC-PAPER - Industrial financing
High performance cellulosic materials to increase the life and reliability of power transformers
ÉTERNITÉ - Région Auvergne- Rhône-Alpes
Research and development of optically transparent materials and electrical conductors
Develop an alternative to plastic packaging through the development of hybrid materials combining cellulose and ceramic. Applications in the food packaging and high technology markets in particular. Read more
Develop an implantable fuel cell device capable of converting chemical energy into electrical energy through the abiotic transformation of glucose and O2.
LAMCELL-µPAD - Institut Carnot PolyNat
Microfluidic platform for bio-medical analysis devices with integrated bio-stack
Study of new techniques for the chemical derivation of lignin for analysis by steric exclusion chromatography
LIGN'OR - Institut Carnot PolyNat
Lignins functionalized by oxidizing or reducing reagents
NACECO - Institut Carnot PolyNat
Valorization of high concentration nanocelluloses
Production of microfibrillated cellulose by vapor phase explosion
POLYCELL - Institut Carnot PolyNat
New process for the production of multipurpose celluloses using unconventional oxidation
Develop a simple and robust fuel synthesis process taking advantage of the synergy between super critical water gasification (wet gasification) and fixed bed gasification (dry gasification).
SUBIOFOAMS - Institut Carnot PolyNat
Development of foams to develop new cellular materials
THERMIC - Institut Carnot PolyNat
Thermal properties of wet cellulose microfibrils films and drying strategy for wet laminated cartons
Ultrasound welding of papers and nanocelluloses

Date of update June 17, 2021

Université Grenoble Alpes