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Maturing projects

ThermoBioComp3D - Bio-based thermosetting composite

Today, the substitution of oil-based materials in the production of packaging and the manufacture of structural and functional objects represents a major environmental and industrial challenge. In this current socio-economic context, the research and implementation of bio-based, high-performance, cost-effective materials compatible with emerging manufacturing processes such as 3D printing, have become an unavoidable requirement.

The project aims to replace technical polymers in the areas of:
  • 3D printing for the manufacture of prototypes/small series of technical parts resistant to heat/chemical agents.
  • The plastics processing of technical polymers for the mass production of technical parts

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Vink-E - Functional inks for discrete radio frequency applications

Radio frequency applications are today present in the consumer sector as well as in the industrial sector. By 2025, 22 million connected objects and 1 billion sensors are expected. Nevertheless, functionalizing transparent surfaces is a challenge that the e-transparent team is committed to meeting through the research and development of transparent conductive inks.

The targeted devices are antennas, rectenna systems (energy recovery) and wave amplifying surfaces (FSS).
Some examples:
Communications (antennas on screens of smartphones, touch tablets, etc.)
  • IoT (antennas for object identification (RFID) or communication with sensors, rectenna for sensor power supply, etc.)
  • Smart building (FSS for shielding, filtering or amplification of waves, etc.)
  • Smart security (antennas for counterfeit detection devices, smart packaging, etc.)
  • Automotive (FSS, antenna for functionalizing windshields, rectenna for transparent heating).

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Poly-Ink - Conductive inks for printed electronics

InoFib - Manufacture of cellulose microfibrils

WHN - The balance of the microbiota through wood

Wood for Health and Nutrition
WHN's ambition is to produce hemicelluloses extracted from wood (20 to 30% wood by mass). These hemicelluloses are currently burned in the process of the paper industry (300 million tonnes of wood per year worldwide) to produce cellulose. These molecules have prebiotic activity: they provide benefits for human health by stimulating and restoring the activity of the intestinal microbiota.

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Celloz - Invent the roof of tomorrow

Lumenside - Show off printed visual universes

Cilkoa - Hybrid approach for architectured biobased materials

Date of update May 15, 2023

LGP2 Laboratoire Génie des Procédés Papetiers
Laboratory of Process Engineering for Biorefinery,
Bio-based Materials and Functional Printing

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