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Unite! Biomass Winter School - Grenoble, February 6-10, 2023


Plant biomass, a valuable resource for innovative materials

Talks and workshops in English only

Unite! Winter School In Grenoble, in the heart of the Alps during the ski season, the Grenoble INP - Pagora, UGA engineering school and the LGP2 laboratory host the first edition of a Unite! Biomass Winter School circular : "Plant biomass, a valuable resource for innovative materials".

This Winter School will focus on biomass recovery: green and agri-food waste as well as wood residues can be used to produce biomaterials (or bio-sourced materials).

For this first edition, renowned experts from universities and reference laboratories in the field (KTH [Sweden], Aalto University [Finland], TU Graz [Austria], LGP2 [France]) will offer seminars and workshops on biomass valorisation, cellulose, nanocellulose and lignin.

Program & Registration

Registration deadline: November 15, 2022

Young Researchers Seminars

First-year PhD students present their subject, the context of the study and highlight the main objectives of their work: bibliographic study, experimental techniques to be used or developed, scientific and technological barriers, first results obtained. Third year PhD students focus on the most important outcomes, research achievements and perspectives.



Seminars by visiting researchers

Each year, the LGP2 welcomes researchers from other universities and research centers. They present their work.



Date of update September 6, 2022

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