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Biorefinery: chemistry and eco-processes

The BioChip group conducts research aimed at deconstructing, purifying, characterizing and adding value to virgin and recycled lignocellulosic plant biomass, as well as optimizing the associated industrial processes. The components obtained (fibers, mono-, oligo- and polysaccharides, lignins, phenolic compounds) are intended for the development of biobased products and materials to meet societal and industrial requirements.

Multiscale biobased materials

The MatBio group takes a multidisciplinary, integrated approach to research in the field of biobased materials, ranging from elementary building blocks derived from plant biomass to composites and fiber-based materials for applications in the packaging, healthcare and construction sectors. The team is also focusing its research on process engineering for the production of biobased materials.

Surface functionalization by printing processes

The FunPrint group conducts research in areas ranging from the development of complex fluids to the design of 2D/3D printed products for a wide spectrum of applications, from graphic printing to printed electronics. The team’s work follows a multidisciplinary approach to mastering a complex system that combines fluids with deposition processes and the management of surfaces and interfaces.

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