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Laboratory of Pulp and Paper Science and Graphic Arts (LGP2)

CNRS Joint Unit 5518 (CNRS • Grenoble INP • Agefpi)
LGP2 research focuses on plant biomass transformation and recovery operations such as biorefinery and the development of bio-based materials (paper, cardboard, composites, films, nonwovens) as well as printing processes for functionalization of surfaces. She is interested in the study of processes that save energy and raw materials and implement green chemistry for functional materials. The work is based on the development or adaptation of multi-scale characterization tools.


  • Unité mixte de recherche CNRS - Grenoble INP / CNRS joint research unit - Grenoble INP

Key figures

20 permanent researchers (9 FTE)
25 doctoral students & 4 post-docs
10 support staff FTE
60 publications / year
40 international conferences / year
2 to 3 patents / year
 / 1

Date of update July 19, 2021

Université Grenoble Alpes