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Young Researchers Seminars

Our young researchers present their work

First-year PhD students present their subject, the context of the study and highlight the main objectives of their work: bibliographic study, experimental techniques to be used or developed, scientific and technological barriers, first results obtained.

Third-year PhD students focus on the most important outcomes, research achievements and perspectives.

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Session 1 - October 26, 2023

Emma COLOMBARI ♦ DESICELL - Design approach for new recyclable cellulosic based materials in building industry
Marie GOIZET ♦ PolyMED - Development of stretchable nanocellulose-based inks for conformable medical applications

Session 2 - November 23, 2023

Emilien FRÉVILLE ♦ Use of twin-screw extrusion for innovative cellulosic packaging obtained by thermocompression
Panagiota RIGOU ♦ RegenCell - Clean process for dissolving wood cellulose for the production of textile yarn

Session 3 - January 25, 2024

Léopold OUDINOT ♦ Understanding and characterization of the impregnation and drying of biosourced hydrogels for the self-folding of architected paper structures
Clément TURPIN ♦ ArchiPOP - Architectured papers and boards by bio-based grid printing: a bio-inspired, low-costapproach to lightweight packaging

Session 4 - February 22, 2024

Arnel BRZOVIC ♦ CircEl-Paper - Recycling of multilayer devices of printed electronics on cellulose substrates
Laura Vanessa GIRALDO ISAZA ♦ Novel usage of chlorine dioxide in processes for the conversion of lignocelluloses into microfibrillated cellulose and cellulose nanocrystals

Session 5 - March 21, 2024

Arnaud BENARD ♦ Adsorption phenomena for the industrial production of functionalized cellulose microfibrils and their applications
Chloé PARISI ♦ Influence of structure of cellulosic materials on recyclability and barrier properties of packaging obtained by Atomic Layer Deposition

Session 6 - May 2, 2024

Niusha SAFARI ♦ Study of the effect of the nature of wood hemicellulose oligosaccharides on their prebiotic properties
Océane AVERTY ♦ New barrier coating for barrier to water vapor packaging