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BioChip - Biorefinery: chemistry and eco-processes

Group leader

Nathalie MARLIN, Associate Professor / HDR*

Research areas


♦ Oxidation processes : delignification and bleaching of lignocellulosic biomass, using green bleaching agents (oxygen, ozone, hydrogen peroxide, enzymes) for the production of cellulose for paper, textile and chemical applications.
♦ Chemical and enzymatic hydrolysis processes of lignocellulosic biomass.
♦ Separation processes (membrane, flottation) and energy efficiency.

Characterization of the lignocellulosic biomass constituants

♦ Molecular weight distribution of lignin and polysaccharides.
♦ Functional groups of polysaccharides and lignin.
♦ Lignin-carbohydrates linkages.


♦ Valorisation for chemical products, materials, and bioenergy.
♦ Pure cellulose: development of new processes for the production of cellulose for textile and chemical applications.
♦ Hemicelluloses: development of a sugar platform for the production of biofuels, surface active agents and for medical applications.
♦ Lignin: valorisation in materials or as a source of aromatic compounds.

Permanent researchers

Marc AUROUSSEAU, Professor / HDR*
Process engineering applied to sustainable development and environmental problems.
Agnès BOYER, Associate Professor
Environmental problems: liquid effluent treatment (membrane and/or biological processes), reduction of pollutant emissions.
Christine CHIRAT, Professor / HDR*
Wood chemistry - biorefinery from plant biomass, integrated into the paper industry.
Karine JANEL, Engineer
Technical realization of the research projects of the group.
Dominique LACHENAL, Professor Emeritus / HDR*
Chemical pulping and pulp bleaching.
Nathalie MARLIN, Associate Professor / HDR*
Lignocellulosic biomass chemistry, biorefinery processes applied on virgin and secondary lignocellulosic fibers, pulping and bleaching processes, recycled fiber processes.
Bastien MICHEL, Associate Professor
Gérard MORTHA, Professor / HDR*
Chemical engineering of biorefinery processes, chemistry of pulping and bleaching processes, set up of chemical and chromatographic methods for lignocelluloses analysis.
Raphaël PASSAS, Lecturer Researcher / HDR*
Microscopic techniques applied to the characterization of fibres and bio-based materials.
*HDR = Accreditation to supervise research

PhD students, post-docs & related

Karen AL HOKAYEM Post-doctoral fellow
Lorette BRAULT Post-doctoral fellow
Arnel BRZOVIC PhD student
Jules DE BARDONNÈCHE Research engineer
João Henrique FERREIRA DA CONCEIÇÃO PhD student
Laura Vanessa GIRALDO ISAZA PhD student
Amélie LEFÈVRE PhD student
Julie LUNEAU PhD student
Radu Costin PANA PhD student
Panagiota RIGOU PhD student
Niusha SAFARI PhD student
Alicia TESTON PhD student
Arthur VALENCONY PhD student

Visiting researchers & trainees

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Date of update February 5, 2024

LGP2 Laboratoire Génie des Procédés Papetiers
Laboratory of Process Engineering for Biorefinery,
Bio-based Materials and Functional Printing

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