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FunPrint - Surface functionalization by printing processes

Group leader

Aurore DENNEULIN, Associate Professor / HDR

Research areas

Data processing

♦ Digital workflows management.
♦ Colorimetric modelling.

Formulation and characterization of complex fluids

♦ Eco-design of complex fluids.
♦ Functional inks and fluids for 3D printing.
♦ Characterization of complex fluids: compositions, rheological and physico-chemical properties.

Development and characterization of functional components and systems

♦ Printing processes engineering and control of the ink transfer.
♦ Assembly of components: choice of processes and control of the functionalities of the final products.
♦ Specific characterizations of functional components and systems: physical properties of substrates, interactions fluid /substrate.

Permanent researchers

Lisa ANDREY, CNRS Engineer Assistant
Technical realization of the team's research projects.
Davide BENEVENTI, CNRS Research Director / HDR*
Physical chemistry of colloids, deinking of recovered papers by froth flotation. 
Anne BLAYO, Lecturer Researcher / HDR*
Printing inks, colour reproduction and ink-substrate relationships.
Lionel CHAGAS, Lecturer Researcher
Numerical flow, colour management and quality control.
Denis CURTIL, Lecturer Researcher
Process supervision, control and sensors design.
Aurore DENNEULIN, Associate Professor / HDR*
Development of new applications of printing processes related to printed electronics and energy on various flexible substrates.
Nadège REVERDY-BRUAS, Professor / HDR*
Screen printing - Deposit functional inks on flexible and rigid substrates - paper, silicon, ceramic - for applications in electronics and photovoltaics.
Jérémie VIGUIÉ, Research Engineer

*HDR = Accreditation to supervise research

PhD students, post-docs & related

Laura BERNARD PhD student
Elise BESSAC PhD student
Eliott BONNET MARTIN PhD student
Arnel BRZOVIC PhD student
Jérôme CAPANNELLI PhD student
Jules DE BARDONNÈCHE Research engineer
Maxime FAUREAU-TILLIER PhD student
João Henrique FERREIRA DA CONCEIÇÃO PhD student
Marie GOIZET PhD student
Elise JACACHOURY Engineer
Ramzi KHIARI Post-doctoral fellow
Maxime LEGAY PhD student
Jérémy MANIFACIER PhD student
Zelda MONTEIL-OCHS PhD student
Erwan TROUSSEL PhD student

Visiting researchers & trainees

Lilou BOUTARIN Trainee
Edouard CARBOGNIN Trainee
Corentin COLENO Trainee
Yiting WANG Trainee

MatBio ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ BioChip

Date of update February 12, 2024

LGP2 Laboratoire Génie des Procédés Papetiers
Laboratory of Process Engineering for Biorefinery,
Bio-based Materials and Functional Printing

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