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MatBio - Multiscale biobased materials

Group leader

Julien BRAS, Professor / HDR*

Research areas

Building blocks from vegetal biomass

Biomolecules, bio-based polymers, nano-polysaccharides, fibres.
♦ Chemical modification of nanopolysaccharides.
♦ Valorisation of annual plants and agro-waste.
♦ Development of characterization tools.

Suspensions & blends: material process engineering

Unit operations in papermaking, converting and manufacturing processes for plastics and composites: from building blocks to materials.
♦ Manufacturing processes in concentrated medium: extrusion, compression…
♦ Filtration and impregnation.
♦ Rheology of functional suspensions.

Composites and fibre-based materials

♦ Fields of application: packaging, special papers, transport, health or construction.
♦ Paper and multilayer.
♦ Bio-based composites.
♦ Non impregnated bio-based materials.

Permanent researchers

Naceur BELGACEM, Professor / HDR*
Surface treatments of paper and paperboards, adhesion phenomena and polymer science.
Julien BRAS, Professor / HDR*
Biomaterials, cellulose, nanocellulose, chemical grafting, polymer nanocomposites, barrier materials, specialty papers
Quentin CHARLIER, Associate Professor
Development and characterization of multi-scale biosourced materials
Isabelle DESLOGES, Lecturer Researcher
Paper-based packaging materials (corrugated, boards, multilayer, including food contact) and their mechanical properties.
Stéphane DUFRENEY, Technician
Technical realization of the research projects of the team.
Alain DUFRESNE, Professor / HDR*
Formatting and characterization of bio-based composites and nanocomposites.
Céline MARTIN, Associate Professor
Rheological behaviour of complex fluids.
Évelyne MAURET, Professor / HDR*
Papermaking chemistry, end-use properties of paper
Cécile SILLARD, Engineer
Technical realization of the research projects of the team.
Maxime TERRIEN, CNRS Engineer
Technical realization of the research projects of the team.
Jérémie VIGUIÉ, Research Engineer

*HDR = Accreditation to supervise research

PhD students, post-docs & related

Sarah ALAMI MEJJATI Research engineer
Océane AVERTY PhD student
Moulay Ahmed Said AZIZI SAMIR Research engineer
Arnaud BENARD PhD student
Mathilde BERNARD-CATINAT PhD student
Eliott BONNET MARTIN PhD student
Emma COLOMBARI PhD student
Salomé DAMOUR Engineer
Mathilde DAVID PhD student
Emilien FRÉVILLE PhD student
Valentin GEMIN Engineer
Laura Vanessa GIRALDO ISAZA PhD student
Marie GOIZET PhD student
Annabelle JULIEN PhD student
Maxime LEGAY PhD student
Julie LUNEAU PhD student
Julien MONTANE Research engineer
Randy José MUJICA LANDINEZ Post-doctoral fellow
Jean MULLER Post-doctoral fellow
Léopold OUDINOT PhD student
Chloé PARISI PhD student
Svetlana PETLITCKAIA Post-doctoral fellow
Baptiste RACLE Research engineer
Candice REY Research engineer
René Rafael ROMERO LEZAMA PhD student
Clément ROZES Research engineer
Suzy RUANO PhD student
Clément TURPIN PhD student
Ana Beatriz VALIM SUQUISAQUI PhD student

Visiting researchers & trainees

Memoona AHMAD Trainee
Fernanda ANDRADE TIGRE DA COSTA Visiting PhD student
Noelia Fernanda BENAVENTE GONZÁLEZ Visiting Master student
Lilou BOUTARIN Trainee
Elodie BOUVET Trainee
Erin CARIO Trainee
Eya CHAAL Trainee
Peter DOENGES Trainee
Yasaman GHASEMI Trainee
Marine HERNANDEZ Trainee
Samir LEITE MATHIAS Visiting PhD student
Waleed MEHMOOD Trainee
Domenico SANTANDREA Visiting PhD student
Daniella SEMAAN Trainee
Ahmed Khalil SMAILI Trainee
Henrique SOLOWEJ MEDEIROS LOPES Visiting PhD student
Abbass TAHER Trainee
Mahdiehsadat ZAKERI BAHAR Trainee

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Date of update February 19, 2024

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Laboratory of Process Engineering for Biorefinery,
Bio-based Materials and Functional Printing

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