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BioChip - Biorefinery: chemistry and eco-processes

Group leader

Nathalie MARLIN, Associate Professor / HDR*

Research areas


♦ Oxidation processes : delignification and bleaching of lignocellulosic biomass, using green bleaching agents (oxygen, ozone, hydrogen peroxide, enzymes) for the production of cellulose for paper, textile and chemical applications.
♦ Chemical and enzymatic hydrolysis processes of lignocellulosic biomass.
♦ Separation processes (membrane, flottation) and energy efficiency.

Characterization of the lignocellulosic biomass constituants

♦ Molecular weight distribution of lignin and polysaccharides.
♦ Functional groups of polysaccharides and lignin.
♦ Lignin-carbohydrates linkages.


♦ Valorisation for chemical products, materials, and bioenergy.
♦ Pure cellulose: development of new processes for the production of cellulose for textile and chemical applications.
♦ Hemicelluloses: development of a sugar platform for the production of biofuels, surface active agents and for medical applications.
♦ Lignin: valorisation in materials or as a source of aromatic compounds.

Permanent researchers

Marc AUROUSSEAU, Professor / HDR*
Process engineering applied to sustainable development and environmental problems.
Killian BARRY, Technician
Technical realization of the research projects of the group.
Agnès BOYER, Associate Professor
Environmental problems: liquid effluent treatment (membrane and/or biological processes), reduction of pollutant emissions.
Christine CHIRAT, Professor / HDR*
Wood chemistry - biorefinery from plant biomass, integrated into the paper industry.
Karine JANEL, Engineer
Technical realization of the research projects of the group.
Dominique LACHENAL, Professor Emeritus / HDR*
Chemical pulping and pulp bleaching.
Nathalie MARLIN, Associate Professor / HDR*
Lignocellulosic biomass chemistry, biorefinery processes applied on virgin and secondary lignocellulosic fibers, pulping and bleaching processes, recycled fiber processes.
Gérard MORTHA, Professor / HDR*
Chemical engineering of biorefinery processes, chemistry of pulping and bleaching processes, set up of chemical and chromatographic methods for lignocelluloses analysis.
Raphaël PASSAS, Lecturer Researcher / HDR*
Microscopic techniques applied to the characterization of fibres and bio-based materials.
Jean-Claude ROUX, Professor / HDR*
Modelling and simulation of papermaking unit operations. Effluent treatment.

*HDR = Accreditation to supervise research

Non-permanent researchers

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Date of update September 2, 2022

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