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FunPrint - Surface functionalization by printing processes

Group leader

Davide BENEVENTI, CNRS Research Director / HDR (accreditation to direct research)

Research areas

Data processing

♦ Digital workflows management.
♦ Colorimetric modelling.

Formulation and characterization of complex fluids

♦ Eco-design of complex fluids.
♦ Functional inks and fluids for 3D printing.
♦ Characterization of complex fluids: compositions, rheological and physico-chemical properties.

Development and characterization of functional components and systems

♦ Printing processes engineering and control of the ink transfer.
♦ Assembly of components: choice of processes and control of the functionalities of the final products.
♦ Specific characterizations of functional components and systems: physical properties of substrates, interactions fluid /substrate.

Permanent researchers

Nadège ANDRÉ, CNRS Engineer Assistant
Technical realization of the team's research projects.
Davide BENEVENTI, CNRS Research Director / HDR (accreditation to direct research)
Physical chemistry of colloids, deinking of recovered papers by froth flotation. 
Anne BLAYO, Lecturer Researcher / HDR (accreditation to direct research)
Printing inks, colour reproduction and ink-substrate relationships.
Lionel CHAGAS, Lecturer Researcher
Numerical flow, colour management and quality control.
Didier CHAUSSY, Professor
Process engineering (surface treatment, printing) - Surface functionalization by printing processes (energy: fuel cells, batteries, solar cells).
Denis CURTIL, Lecturer Researcher
Process supervision, control and sensors design.
Aurore DENNEULIN, Associate Professor
Development of new applications of printing processes related to printed electronics and energy on various flexible substrates.
Nadège REVERDY-BRUAS, Associate Professor / HDR (accreditation to direct research)
Screen printing - Deposit functional inks on flexible and rigid substrates - paper, silicon, ceramic - for applications in electronics and photovoltaics.

Non-permanent researchers

Laëtitia BARDET PhD student 2nd year
Khaoula BOUZIDI PhD student 3rd year
Amélie BROGLY PhD student 1st year
Fanny DAILLIEZ PhD student 1st year
Camille DELFAUT PhD student 3rd year
João Henrique FERREIRA DA CONCEIÇÃO PhD student 1st year
Mathieu LOSTE-BERDOT PhD student 4th year
Maxime WAWRZYNIAK PhD student 3rd year

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Date of update September 8, 2021

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