LGP2 researchers at ACS Spring 2023

They were at the meeting of chemical professionals in Indianapolis, IN (USA), during the ACS Spring 2023 conference, from 26 to 30 March.
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Members of the CELL Division (Cellulose and Renewable Materials) of the American Chemical Society, two researchers – Julien Bras and Alain Dufresne – and three PhD students – Lorette Brault, Émilien Fréville and Julia Pescheux-Sergienko – shared their research results with scientists from around the world gathered in the Midwest of the USA at ACS Spring 2023, Indianapolis, IN - March 26-30, 2023.

Émilien Fréville, PhD student: use twin-screw extrusion with additives to produce nanocellulose.

Julia Pescheux-Sergienko, PhD student: use of mechanochemistry for simultaneous comminition and functionalization of cellulose.

Lorette Brault, PhD student: new insight in the cellulose oxidation by the periodate-chlorite sequence: Side reactions comprehension and limitations.

Alain Dufresne, Professor: use of percolating nanocellulose network in composite.

Julien Bras, HDR Associate Professor: use of MFC mix with biopolymers (PLA or PHA) for packaging sealing and combination of cyclodextrine with nanocellulose for drug release.